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At a recent 3-week hospital stay, I was given daily injections of Lovenox to prevent clots. Despite normal heart rhythms and clotting parameters (INR, PTT, etc...) hospital protocol was to do this simply because the nature of being confined to a hospital involves a lot of inactivity and sitting around. Think airline passengers getting DVTs on long flights because of the inactivity and occasionally bad pressure points reducing circulation.

Other than that, I don't have much insight. Seems like a very appropriate question for your sister's oncologist or specifically a hematology specialist partner. Do you have any kind of privilege (medical surrogacy) to ask the doctors that kind of question on her behalf? If there is notable aphasia now and a possibility of it getting worse, all the legal care delegation should be taken care of on one of her good days while she's able to participate.

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Yes, spoke to the onco with her on a teleconference call. My fears justified without any real solutions. Waiting for platelet resolution before any blood thinners. In the meantime, off oral capecitabine, off metformin due to kidney insult, CEA seems to be trending upwards. I mentioned this to her onco prior to them joining the meeting. His only reply was, "Well we will be watching that." Seriously?????
I am an NP so I know the chance of her having another (larger) stroke is high. There is notable aphasia as well as mild left sided eyelid ptosis since the initial scan indicated several areas of infarcts on the rt as well as left (Broca's area = affects speech). I spent a month with her and her partner but now back home 2,000 miles away.
She has labs and MRI/CT scheduled for next week. Not sure how this will play out at this time.
Thank you for your response and my best of luck to everyone.