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Facet joint disease

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Hello @gently
Ablation has been wonderful for me. I have had this procedure three times, the last lasting for almost 10 years.
I am now have returned to Ontario, and am now receiving treatment at the Pain Clinic, which is a branch of McMaster Medical Centre. This referral due to the beginnings of a return of the back pain. To date I have received three treatments of multiple injections of Bupivacaine 0.25% and Lidocaine 2%,
However, these shots have resulted in great pain which takes about 5 days to resolve.......?!
How is this possible, that anesthetic can cause this difficulty?????
In response to this pain, my last injections were centred on the right S.I. area and down the right side of the sacrum, as well as the hips.
To fully disclose, four weeks ago, my left Achilles has flared and I am receiving 'shockwave therapy' on this -- with success!
In light of the past three months of disasters[ written of elsewhere], I am feeling utterly run over, and on the verge of throwing everything overboard [ a first for me] .... any thoughts ??
You and others have given me such hope, support and guidance before, and I am in sore need of it now.
Thank you for any comments.

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Christine, it sounds exactly like a prednisone flare. Is it possible that your injection contained more than the local anesthesia. McMaster Medical may be giving you diagnostic injections.
Are any of these injections done under fluroscopy? or are the surface in office injections.
Have you had any relief after the five days.
My right SI is a source of discomfort for me. I've had the steroid/lidocaine injections and the five day flare without any long lasting relief. The first three hours were good-- numb.
We're they going after your muscle or your joint. Was the pain equal on the right side of the sacrum and the area of the hip?
It is also possible to hit a nerve with the needle instead of next to the nerve where the procedure allows the anesthetic fluid to surround the nerve.