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CBD oil for pain

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I have a large round container of CBD muscle/ pain ointment. I also have had pain patches that last 96 hrs each.

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I’m sorry but I don’t know what you mean by …and?

Koslo52, I did just speak to the people that I buy from today. I wanted to place another order for oils and the CBD patches. I asked her specifically about the taste and she said it was due to how refined it was is and the quality of oils you were getting. You may have to call different supply houses and ask about it in your area. She said they absolutely cannot send anything over state lines.

She also told me as of next January 1, more regulations were going to go into effect on all the marijuana products are there at CBD’s or THC’s. That the states are going to start taxing them. Also I don’t know if it’s the feds and the states,but they are going to restrict the amount you can buy, and the dosage. If you’re used to a specific dose that works they could reduce it and not let you buy that much. Im not sure if this is just California but it didn’t sound like it. I didn’t think to ask specifically if it was just one state, but this is a pretty liberal state. Basically the same kind of thing that they’re doing with pain medications opioids. So yay, they’re going to take away one more thing, or restricted at least. I really wish I understood what they expected people like us to do. That’s the most information I can get for you. I hope that helps. Jennifer

Sounds about right.

It’s really frustrating, I was really shocked to hear her telling me what’s going to happen. I don’t know what they think we’re all supposed to do.

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