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CBD oil for pain

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I stared using CBD oil for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). It has been amazing. Within 48 hours I was able to reduce my medication for RLS (pramprexole – dopamine based) by 1/3. I would like to keep going with it, but am on hold for right now, because I am concerned about the effect of CBD on blood coagulation. (I had a minor ischemic stroke about 10 years ago and have been on Plavix since.) The “obese rat” study keeps coming in my my searches for research-based information on this topic, but other than that, I haven’t found much. Anyway, my hopeful goal to to use CBD to assist in withdrawing (extremely gradually) from the pramprexole. I have to tell my doctor all this, and am afraid to.

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It depends upon what state you’re in whether you should be afraid to tell your doctor. I’m in California and both my pain management doctor and my internal medicine doctor told me to use CBD’s. They actually gave me the name of a physician where I can get a license for it. They were very supportive. I have seen other people mention that they’re pain management doctors would drop them as patients if that used anything relating to marijuana. I will approach the subject carefully and ask what their opinion is on the subject. Jennifer

Appreciate hearing your experience. I’m in Minnesota, where medical marijuana is legal, but I know RLS would not qualify for it. And I ask myself why would I want to jump through all those hoops anyway, and get involved with prescriptions and pharmaceutical companies, when CBD oil, which I understand is legal in all states now, seems promising. I will approach the topic carefully, though, as you suggest. Thanks.

If it’s legal in your state and you have a diagnosis, they give you the license you do have to pay for it but it’s not much. Your doctor just has to back you up. Do you have any prescriptions for medications for your diagnosis, just show them that. Or any tests are positive, or just your doctors note.

@mari3gold4. CBD oil is NOT legal in all states yet. And, my pain doctor says he cannot prescribe for me if I take any form of marijuana. In fact, he drug tests me every 6 months, which he said is required by the Feds. Be careful how you approach the question. Thanks.

@jenapower, Where is your pain doctor in California? I would like to change to your pain management doctor if he/she allows you to use CBD for pain. My doctor is with St. Jude’s Heritage Clinic in Fullerton, southern California. Thanks, Gail B Ledesma

I’m in Newport Beach and he is in Irvine, on Waterworks Rd. I’d have to look up the name of the doc he sent me to but he’s a regular internist that does the licenses a couple days per week. I think he’s in Lake Forest or Mission Viejo. Do you have any doc that would recommend CBDs for you, like your regular Dr? If so you could go directly to the mj Dr. you just need proof of pain, prescription, MRI etc. Let me know if you can get that from any doc or if you really need a new pain doc. He’s expensive, doesn’t take any insurance so if you have a PPO he bills out of network, or you can private pay at a slightly lower rate. He’s only contracted with one local HMO, otherwise you are on your own. Good guy though, busy practice but he’s there for you.