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CBD oil for pain

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Here in MN, marijuana oil without THC (CBD only) is available by prescription from licensed dispensaries around the state. Only certain medical conditions qualify, and chronic pain was just added to that approved list. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to find a physician who has gone through the bureaucratic steps necessary to prescribe the oil. It is a major hindrance to obtaining the oil, and dispensaries are charging inflated prices just to stay in business. Why is the medical community so hesitant to get behind medical marijuana? I don’t see liability as an issue because of the lack of THC. Medical marijuana may work for some and not others, but that is no different than with other medications. Does anyone have suggestions for convincing our doctors to get certified to prescribe? I am afraid to take the oil I bought from CW Botanicals because I could be kicked out of my pain program if I test positive for THC; it would be in violation of my pain contract.

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I cannot comment on an individual dr’s hesitancy to prescribe it, but realistically it is still a Schedule 1 drug. Until that changes, I think many people with shy away. Just a few weeks ago a Canadian was barred from ever entering the United States because he was asked if he had ever smoked Marijuana. It seems ludicrous that in many places you can serve a longer sentence for possessing marijuana than you would serve for crimes against a person, but the law is the law. Decriminalization would be a positive step forward. I can’t imagine the pressure a Dr would feeling trying to decide if they should go through the process of obtaining the right to prescribe. They may feel it is a good choice for some patients but it would mean that they are placing themselves under massive scrutiny. It’s a big deal.

Move to California

I found doctors in Edina, Minneapolis, St Paul, and Moorhead for prescribing and a dispensary in St Cloud.

It’s not worth it.

THC mixtures ARE available along with straight THC. this is in Minnesota so other states may vary.

Curious why you would say that? Are you just against general? If you stay away from the THC, there is no high. CBD’s to affect the pain levels. Has said below some people like the 50-50, some people take just the CBD there is no effect to your brain thinking or feeling. It’s just a choice.