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CBD oil for pain

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Thank you for getting back to me and getting me straight on that. I got my bottle of CBD oil, the directions are to take a full dropper under the tongue and leave for 60 to 90 seconds, swallow the remaining. Ok I tasted it and I can’t think of anything to compare it to, lets just say it tasted terrible and I knew there was no way I could put that oil under my tongue, leave it there and swallow what;s left. Just no way, no no way, absolutely not, no way. lol ( funny but true) I also understand you can also put it in food. So okay, all I needed to do was find something to put it in, very simple right ? Well, I thought so too. It seems oil especially GREEN oil, doesn’t like to be mixed with food of any kind what so ever. Then I tried it with Vanilla pudding, I put the oil in a little hole in the pudding, put the pudding with the oil in my mouth and took another bite real fast then took a big drink of soda and low and behold it went down without any problems. So now how is it working for me? I am not sure yet, maybe after a few more pudding cups and I’ll know but I do think it helped my pain a little but certainly nothing to compare to what I’ve heard others were experiencing, do you think it was the pudding? teehee. What else can I try? any ideas? and how can I go about getting the CBD you get in Canada ? Maybe next time I order I will try to smoke it. Maybe that will work better…. Anything that you or anyone else can suggest would be very appreciated.. thanks

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@jeanie26 I know exactly what you mean..the best kind with no additives tastes terrible. The reason you hold it in your mouth is for quick absorption. If you mix it with food it will go straight to your belly which will delay relief time. I do this: I add it to two teaspoons of clear juice.I also learned that you have to mix it up in a real container-it goes right through the bottom of a little paper cup. I've tried a few and I find that the drugstore variety sold only by pharmacies is the best.