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Radiation therapy and CPAP mask

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@jakefix82, I'm tagging @dpost2 and @johnbishop to see if they have any ideas.

Jake, what was the result of the biopsy? will you have MOHs surgery?

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@jakefix82, Can you take your CPAP nasal pillow to a your surgeon appoint or consult and see what suggestions they may have? I haven't had that type of surgery but I suspect any kind of nasal mask wouldn't work due to pressure points on the surgical area. You may have to stop using the CPAP for a short time. There is a discussion on this specific topic on the Apnea board that you might want to read through - https://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-Mask-s-to-use-after-nasal-surgery.

Can you let us know what you find out?

Biopsy was thankfully basal cell carcinoma, a rare return in same skin area after Mohs surgery fifteen years ago. I’m leaning toward Mohs surgery instead of radiation - going for an initial consult next week with surgeon. Concern is the scar tissue in that lower side-of-nose area from previous re-construction due to basal cell carcinoma (cartilage from ear was used to re-construct fifteen years ago). My surgeon trained at Mayo Clinic in Mohs and cosmetic facial reconstruction and gets 5 star reviews. I’m anxious right now not knowing what kind of cosmetic result can be expected with previous scar tissue build up. Hard to find anything on the web addressing this return of basal cell carcinoma in same area and what kind of cosmetic issues there might be. Will find out on June 11 during consult. The other issue is whether I need to discontinue CPAP therapy for sleep apnea after surgery, as all CPAP equipment has a head strap that runs across area where there will be a surgical wound. Couldn’t get an answer from my sleep dr - he believes in alternative medicine (I don’t) and simply said, “don’t have surgery”..