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Help with understanding test results

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@rebaba you asked this: " Does this mean I am 95% likely to have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease? with a 30-50% likelihood of having Lupus and 20% for Polymyositis and/or Dermatomyositis?"

I looked it up to double check and it would seem the answer is no. The note at the bottom of your report means that 95% of people with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease will test positive for the ENA RNP ab. It does not mean that you are 95% likely to have it. It is confusing and not well worded and I have looked that up for myself in the past!

My cousin has frequent sinus and ear infections and part of her immune system is deficient (IgA?). She has IVG treatments. Not sure if she sees an immunologist.

Glad you are going to see a rheumatologist sooner. Let us know what happens!

I have a systemic lupus diagnosis and get really sick in the sun. I have high antibodies for scleroderma but don't have typical symptoms. We need to be followed, probably twice a year, but these diagnoses seem to have a wide range of severity. Hope you get some help!

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Very innformative - its a great day when I learn something new 😁