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@sallylynn you seem to have a lot going on: conditions, medications, tests and specialists. It must be difficult to keep this all sorted out! In most cases a good primary care physician (PCP) can handle these things. The specialists don’t become necessary until a particular condition needs specialized care. I’m sorry you have had trouble finding a satisfactory PCP.

You mentioned having a gastrologist. You must mean a gastroenterologist. This is the specialist for all things stomach and intestines. They are the ones to care for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). They prescribe things like proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and H2 blockers. Both of these reduce acid, but use different mechanisms. You’ve had experience with both and have mentioned various meds from both types.

You mentioned having an ENT. This is an otolaryngologist or to put it in simpler terms Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. That would be the specialist for your earaches. Not sure if thy could tend to your “Burning Mouth Syndrome” unless it is related to your nose or throat (Those parts of the anatomy are connected after all).

Last but not least your discussion focuses on a concern that past use of PPIs and perhaps H2 Blockers may have caused a decline in kidney function. Two kidney function tests have been discussed here. One is the more common estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) which includes a measure of serum creatinine. The other is a less common, less used Cystatin C test. The basic metabolic panel (BMP) should include the eGFR but not necessarily. My nephrologist orders a renal panel of blood tests and a urine collection that includes more tests. Whichever measurements are used, it is best to get a sense of the trend over time. A nephrologist is the specialist to order these tests and interpret them for you. I must say at this point that I have stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). I did not even have a nephrologist until I was already stage 3 CKD. This is an eGFR in the 30’s. Many general practitioner doctors don’t become concerned about kidney disease until the eGFR gets at least that bad.

As to whether your stomach medications have caused a decline in kidney function your best answer might come from the provider who prescribed them or recommended the over the counter (OTC) medications. If you have difficulty getting any answers there your pharmacist can be very helpful as @collegeprof suggested.

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Thank you so much for your response. you are correct, I should have said gastroenterologist. I just call Ear, Nose Throat ENT. I did go to ENT for my Burning Mouth Syndrome. I was RX'd a gritty type past for relief & a solution. I didn't want to pay the copay for the solution ( a rinse) very expensive.My PCP RX'd the PPI which I didn't take at first. I have a endoscopy 12/27/2023. I have L.A. Grade B erosive esophagitis hence the PPI & H2 blocker. I preferred the H2 blocker over the PPI for what information I have read on the web. My gastroenterologist RX'd me esomeeprazole (PPI) and even stronger than pantoprazole but didn't blink a eye or concern of my kidney function. I picked it up and decided not to take it. It has horrible patient reviews, actually pantoprazole does too. At this point all I wish for is my creatinine to get back in the normal range & my eGFR. ~ I actually did call my Pharmacist at Walgreens. He was helpful & seemed somewhat optimistic...I guess. This is a fact: PPI's cause AKI and CKD. With the AKI the damage can be reversible.IF a PPI causes Kidney disease, it is not reversible, that is what I am afraid of. I am just really frustrated/ticked off at my former PCP I had during these last 5 months who refused to order a BMP lab for me!I asked her several times, expressing my concerns for my kidney health being on 2 medications that clearly have sounding alarms for renal failure!!!!!! I literally begged her! IF she would have put the lab in a couple months ago like I wanted her too, I would have STOPPED the PPI & H2 blocker then! I would have seen the decline.I blame her for her this! She was useless, inept and gaslit me constantly, and yes, I tried with all my might to get a different doctor but no one was taking new patients I even called the Welcome Center to assist me~If one was, they are booked out for a year and a 1/2. My new Doctor has many more years of experience(Not a Resident) had one patient review on the Web and was given a "1". Horrible horrible review. This is my world with doctors. I have learned the hard way how to stand up for myself and it really sucks patients have to be on the defense all the time to save their very life.