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Yes. And I did that already. My closest is about 60 miles away in Sacramento at the UC Davis Medical Center. They have a cancer center and I have an appointment there next month. I hope I feel better about them. 🙏🏽

My husband and I adopted two children with physical disabilities. We started off taking them to UC Davis but got very disillusioned and concerned about the quality of their doctors, etc. We changed to Stanford University Children’s Hospital and drove 4 hours for their specialty care, surgeries, etc. So deciding to go to UC Davis wasn’t easy. But I have limited $ and also PTSD from a car accident caused by my cancer treatment. Driving into the crazy San Francisco Bay Area scares the bejesus out of me now. So I’m crossing my fingers that this is significantly better from what I’ve gotten so far.

I’m originally from Northern Minnesota and my sisters and I are coming back for a reunion in July. I wish I could get seen at the Mayo Clinic but I can’t figure out how. ☹️

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@jo72. Going to UC Davis sounds like a very good plan. You do have some good resources not all that far away from you. I’m from the Bay Area and whenever I go home I’m OK in traffic for about 1 or 2 days. After that it’s all I can do to figure out the usual times when I can avoid traffic. Which is almost never! I feel like I spend more time in my car than with friends and family.

How wonderful that you will have a family reunion in Northern Minnesota this summer.

Have you scheduled appointments yet at UC Davis?