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@jo42 I'm happy to know that our Gynecological Cancers Support Group has been - and will continue to be - very helpful for you. Your experience is the reason why I chose to continue my cancer surveillance appointments at Mayo Clinic where I had my hysterectomy. We drive 425 miles (7.5 hours of driving time one way) for my follow-up cancer care. Since there are some specialities that we do not have in my rural area of Michigan I also see an endocrinologist (for osteoporosis) at Mayo Clinic. When I had a recurrence that was spotted in physical exam (pelvic exam) by my nurse practitioner at Mayo Clinic I had 6 weeks of radiation therapy at Mayo Clinic. I chose to live in Rochester for that period of time. Yes, I could have arranged for radiation therapy locally but the expertise at Mayo Clinic and patient care far outweighs our local system.

What's next for you, Jo? You are getting good recommendations here for what to ask. Are you planning to talk with your primary care provider about a referral to a larger comprehensive cancer care center for your cancer surveillance appointments?

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Yes. And I did that already. My closest is about 60 miles away in Sacramento at the UC Davis Medical Center. They have a cancer center and I have an appointment there next month. I hope I feel better about them. 🙏🏽

My husband and I adopted two children with physical disabilities. We started off taking them to UC Davis but got very disillusioned and concerned about the quality of their doctors, etc. We changed to Stanford University Children’s Hospital and drove 4 hours for their specialty care, surgeries, etc. So deciding to go to UC Davis wasn’t easy. But I have limited $ and also PTSD from a car accident caused by my cancer treatment. Driving into the crazy San Francisco Bay Area scares the bejesus out of me now. So I’m crossing my fingers that this is significantly better from what I’ve gotten so far.

I’m originally from Northern Minnesota and my sisters and I are coming back for a reunion in July. I wish I could get seen at the Mayo Clinic but I can’t figure out how. ☹️

Yes. I did that already and I have an appointment for my nearest large cancer center towards the end of this month. The Avastin that’s been keeping my tumors at bay could quit working any time. I hope that I will have access to much better medical care by then.

From getting help and support from so many wonderful women here, I’m thinking that if UC Davis’s medical providers concern me, I may have to reach out farther into the San Francisco Bay Area for better medical care. Due to very limited funds and having PTSD triggered when I drive into more crowded conditions, that may be tougher.

I have a friend who had bladder cancer that was treated at UC Davis. She said that the immunotherapy drug that was used successfully with her has now been approved to treat ovarian cancer. I’m crossing my fingers, toes, and nose hairs that might offer some more hope than I’ve been given by my current cancer physicians.