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I received the biopsy shots at least an hour before surgery, probably longer, in a dimly lit hospital room.
I had stage 1 cancer in both breasts.
Left breast SLNB worked, and surgeon removed 2 good lymph nodes.
Right breast had tiny 4 cm stage 1 cancer and 7 good lymph nodes were removed. He said SLNB did not work. This was in a hospital setting.
He thought it was fine to remove 9 good lymph nodes. He had previously stated that he did not think that I had any bad lymph nodes, or he would not have recommended IORT to me. In all discussions only removing 1 lymph node on each breast was discussed.

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Thanks for additional explanation.

The surgeon determines risk vs benefits of removing lymph nodes, how many do you remove to verify the cancer has not spread vs removing too many and causing side effects. On side that dye worked, he had benefit of dye to tell him which nodes in lymphatic system would be affected first. On other side he did not. So he had to be more aggressive. What is correct number is surgeon decision.

So, what is next? Definitely ask you surgeon or oncologist about affects of lymph nodes removal. I had stage 2 and after surgery had chemo and radiation. Then I had few appointments in lymphedema clinic. They measured both arms at each appointment, discussed things to do if have problems with swelling due to lymph node removal, etc. I was lucky, Stage 2 but only few cancerous lymph nodes. Had some cording (ask provider about) and no problems due to lymph node removal. Some patients have lymph system massages to help move fluid through. And there are exercise that help.

Ask provider for follow up appointment with a provider who can dissus / treat any concerns you have about possible lymphedema.

Now that your surgery is complete, do you have any additional treatments scheduled?