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Ils38, you could try another 40 hyperbaric treatment. I've heard of hyperbarics working from 50 to 90 treatment. I made twenty with no improvement, but it is good for the rest of you body, too.
I was half crazy finding information for this as anemia set in. Finally found radiofrequency with a special wand called the Halo 90. A couple of nice things about the treatment: it works, it's painless, it restores the normal epithelium. The difficulty is in finding a practitioner. There is one at Scripps in San Diego. I scheduled with him before a data breach when they cancelled all non-essential procedures. There is Dr. Buxbaum at USC. I've had four treatments. It is completely effective except they only apply it where you are bleeding. Other areas will bleed as radiation damage continues to manifest years after treatment. The treated areas never rebleed. I'll send you the link for the article that got me looking. I called one of the authors and he would do the procedure except that his hospital doesn't have the equipment. Stanford had a physician willing to try though no one there had ever done the procedure. They had equipment because it is the same equipment they use for barrett esophagus. Buxbaum says he does the procedure all the time. I think he is a hospitalist. It isn't a procedure that anyone ever asks for. They usually do the procedure under anesthesia, but there aren't pain nerves in the rectal epithelium so I don't use anything and watch. I'm trying to access my own posts to get the article without luck. I send it when I'm home. Any questions meanwhile?

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Thanks , I'd appreciate the Halo 90 info site. Maybe someone in the North Florida area is a practitioner.