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I am 65 years old. Sure sounds like you've been through a lot. I was taken off Omeprazole also (had been on it for several years)...trying to control my GERD with Famotidine but it certainly doesn't work as well. In trying to read and learn more about NET, there was a connection between proton-pump inhibitors causing an increase in the
chromogranin A blood test - mine was above the normal level at 156, but I've read where some levels can be in the thousands. It listed some other drugs that can affect the chromogranin level as well. I have a consult scheduled with my GI practice on June 7. My colonoscopy is due next year, but I want to go on and have it done; I'm worried I may have some colonic polyps. In the meantime, in the middle of all of this, my body decided to try to move a kidney stone that I've had for years with no problems....and when it did move, I was quite ill - transferred by ambulance from one hospital to another that could take care of it, and I became septic during this process. This happened in April, and I'm still somewhat recuperating from that whole episode.

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Wow, you've gone through a lot as well. I totally agree on the Famotidine. My chromogranin A level was over 1400 but my oncologist sort of trashed that due to being on Omeprazole. If I were you, I would not put off the colonoscopy if possible. Had one last year and 8 polyps were removed with 3 pre-cancer. Had another in April. The GI removed 10 and that was not all. Having another in a year. Why all the polyps? Wonder how long my luck can hold before more NETs are discovered.