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Spinal pain management

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please read my posts. Try the SCS trial. The trial was successful for me, yet the device was the wrong size implanted. After expressing my concerns with the neurosurgeon he consulted with a team of doctors, and it was removed with a smaller one implanted. Give it time, work with the rep, as the first program might not work. Have the paddles implanted, not the lead wires. The success rate is higher. The rehab is 8 weeks, and I am very active, playing tennis, pickleball, hike, bike, weights and walk. At age 69, I want to stay active, and I don't nearly have the pain I did in the AM when waking up, or suffering after a long tennis match.

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Thanks much to Vikitennis: You've given me much to think about. Fortunately, the neurosurgeon I'm working with is very likely the best between Seattle and San Francisco and possibly including those two cities. He chooses to live here because it is a gorgeous area in which to live.
Congratulations on the success of your implant. I'm so glad you've had the success you've had and gotten back to all the activities you love. I'd be very happy to get back to where I could walk more than 100 yards (after walking 170 miles to elevations of 17,400 ft in Nepal).