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Spinal pain management

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@joanland and @bootmaker - I have not had a spinal cord stimulator installed. But I'm responding with my ideas on having a solid strategy in place to get to the root cause of your symptoms.

(1) Get diagnosed using the latest/best equipment there is. There can be differences in the quality of MRI films and such. (2) Always seek a second opinion. (3) Identify the best medical facility for your medical issues. Don't be put off by remoteness or the requirement to travel a distance to get to the facility. The time investment required to travel can be well worth it! (4) Work to identify the best doc at that facility. (Sometimes, that's hard to do for a layman using the internet. You can increase your chances of working with a first-rate neurosurgeon if you are working with a top-notch medical facility.)

Good luck!

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Thanks so much, Phil. You and vickitennis have given me a lot to think about. I'll be doing more research into who does what and for how long and where (here or elsewhere) before settling on a doc and procedure. Thanks again.

Thank you for the information. The reason I am going to the Mayo Clinic from New Mexico, is, it is so hard to get into any Dr.'s office because there is such a shortage. With that is mind, it is even harder to get anything done once you get in. Everyone I have talked to that has visited the Mayo Clinic, I have not heard of any bad interactions, and everyone is getting things done and it is not taking months or even years.