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I appreciate that but we passed that route about 2 years ago. When I tell you NOTHING has provided pain or swelling relief I mean all drugs! Over the counter and high priced prescription injections. Currently about to give up on Cosentyx after 3 months of uselessness. The only thing that has helped us lots of prednisone and I cannot stay on that for obvious reasons.
Before this happens in March 2020, I was an avid advocate of curcumin. Now it laughs at me.

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Hello, I have hip osteoarthritis and it makes my thigh, knee and whole leg ache alot! Nothing has helped me so far either.... Steroid injections, Meloxicam and Diclofenac all did nothing. I get some relief from Arthritis strength Tylenol and 800mg Ibuprofen, 3-4 times a day. Very frustrating. I get an MRI soon....so hopefully get some answers, or it could just be caused by the hip osteoarthritis. I stopped at a Homeopathic store and bought some Cura-Relief and some CBD gummies.....I'm desperate for some relief. I've learned the pain could be nerve pain caused by the osteoarthritis. It would make sense that the anti-inflammatories don't help it. But it doesn't feel like nerve pain, since it's described as shooting, stabbing, prickly or tingly pain. Good luck to you.