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Spinal pain management

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I, too, am in the process of getting a spinal cord stimulator for intractable back pain. I'm fused from L2 to L5. Pain seems to come mostly from L5-S1 and from the R S-I joint. I was scheduled for the test of the spinal cord stimulator the first Friday in April, but I had a UTI and postponed. Since them, there have not been enough of us to go ahead with the procedure; they like to have several before setting aside a day to do the procedure. I live in a town of just over 100,000 in central OR, but larger centers are about 3 1/2 hours away. I, too, would like to hear from others who have had a spinal cord stimulator implanted.

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please read my post below. If you need to travel 3.5 hours away, do it. When living in the Central Valley of California, I traveled to San Francisco for my care, about 2 hours away. Currently, I travel an hour away for care in Phoenix and Scottsdale, and I am a patient at Mayo. I wasn't wow'd about the neurosurgeon at Mayo for the SCS, but there are other neuro's in the area. I chose a highly recommended neurosurgeon, and he asked for quite a bit tests to get in. Start with the trial and see if that works. The pain management doctor who does the trial, will recommend a person, but I asked the rep who they would recommend, and that is who I chose. Also, it isn't a one size fits all: you need to work with the rep for the right program. I have consulted with the Abbott rep six times to find the right program. Good luck, and keep us posted.

My first visit at the Mayo Clinic, Tyler Young P.A-C., M.S. referred me to Pain management, which I will see Tyler Dunn M.D. He also told me it is a process to get the implant, 3 -4 months. In the process go back to my pain and spine management in Albuquerque, NM. and demand they do a Radio Frequency Ablation. I had the injections yesterday Friday 31st, which I could not be leave the difference. I could actually walk like a normal human being. It only lasted for a few hours, it was great for those few hours. I am fused from L2-SI joints. The Dr. that did my ablation injections told me the pain I have is Sciatic pain from not being able to move any of the muscles around the spine. He is the first one to tell any that, which makes since. I will see Tyler Dun M.D. on Friday June 7th, I can not wait to see what can come out of this visit.

Do your research to make a smart decision for YOU! Remember, you’ll need to charge the battery every few days & have the tech re-program it several times.