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Pure O OCD

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@colely I’ve never heard of « pure » O OCD. That diagnosis is not in the DSMV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) used for mental health diagnoses by psychiatrists and psychologists. Personally, I would be rather suspicious of something I saw on TV. A history of trauma is not necessarily related to an OCD diagnosis although I suppose these could occur together.

It sounds like you really care about your friend and one’s own feelings are legitimate even when you or someone else does not share those feelings. Are you asking about how your friend perceives reality? That’s a different question altogether. Your friend’s behavior of fingering a religious medal and rubbing oil on himself could be related to OCD but I don’t know. You are not going to be able to make him understand as relationships with others don’t work that way. You can give him information and some resources and hope that he begins to see these things as problematic for himself. Is your friend working with a mental health therapist?

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Thank you for your comments. He has hoarding OCD, as well as members of his family. When he watched the TV program, Hoarders, it made a big difference in his understanding of what he was doing. He also, in the past, had several Very Specific contamination issues, which were not that much of a problem in his day- to- day life. They faded away after 3 years. I would think contamination OCD would be related to this issue where he believes certain people have dangerous energy. I am one of them. Some of us have done many good things for him, and others, are pleasant people he has just met, but he senses something wrong. I must add that he has been scammed out of money by some obvious, bad people, so he isn't judging well. Anyway I thought if I could, actually, show him information from some experts that he could try to help himself. If not, I am dealing with a very difficult person for another year. Still looking for the tv show. Actual Psychiatrist or Psychologist was on it.