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@psmnonna I usually have episodes of afib that land me in the hospital, once or twice a year. For the two years on Tymlos I didn't have a single episode- despite the rapid heart rate that lasts a short time. I hope that is reassuring.

Time on Reclast varies after Tymlos. Some do one year. I was told 3, because my bones need more density (despite my going from severe to borderline in spine on Tymlos, my hip is still -3.6, up from -4.1). Also, if you do a lower dose of Reclast, you might do it more than once/year.

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I'm glad your afib subsided and hope it has not returned! I think my rheumatology doc is leaning to reclast.
Unfortunately I had no bone markers done before starting Tymlos. Actually never heard of them until reading posts here. Would love to have had that knowledge before so I could've had some sort of baseline before starting any med. Wish bone markers were a required standard like dexa is....but that's another discussion.
Reading your post below I also was unaware that Tymlos or Forteo begins to wane in effectiveness before the full 2 yrs. I'm not excited about reclast as a future option as I'm not sure bisphonates really strengthen bone or just patch in random holes like spackle. Form without substance so to speak.
One would think that a disease that 10 million people have in the US would have more significant/effective treatments by now.
Thank you for your expertise!