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Why chest discomfort?

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What I said about situps, I see you refer to this as "crunches". So, crunches will exacerbate GERD. You can strengthen your abs by instead of picking up your head and shoulders, you leave them on the ground and raise and lower your legs, or bring legs towards your body and away, or to strengthen the side muscles you hold your legs up and let them fall towards one side and then the other.
See on the internet which exercises are not good for GERD, and which are better.
There are lots of resources on the internet

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Thanks! I will try the adaptations. I have two personal coaching programs and they know I have gerd but they give me the same exercises as anyone else. I have adapted by keeping my stomach nearly empty, and taking alginate ahead of time. Tho at this point I am taking the alginate less and less. I used to get chest pains all the time when playing pickleball, and hardly happens now. So I am seeing improvement. But if there are ab exercises that are gentler for gerd people, then yes! Thanks again for your help.