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I kind of get into "mom mode" when sharing with younger people.Everything I say is based on my experiences, I would never want you to feel like I am pushing you, and never ignore your dr A few questions:
Who found your hernia?
Can you push it back thru the hole?
Are you in pain with the hernia?
Regarding 💩, it can't hurt, at all, to use extra miralax, Fleet enema. Have you ever used an enema? If you choose to use it, following the instructions to lie down on your side, keep it in as long as you possibly can. This is critical to allow the enema to work. I count in sets of 20, to keep me focused on the time and distracted from the unpleasant feelings and the strong urge to poop. The rocking helps the strong urge come and go several times. Using the enema will also let you know if you do have 💩 in your anus that wants to be expelled. If this is the case then you will see poop on the enema tip, when you pull it out. I have way too much knowledge on this. LOL!! I. can keep it in longer if I get on my knees and rock back and forth, side to side. I take a pillow in the bathroom to rest my head on.
Describe your build up symptoms.
What do you consider as loose 💩?
The mass, you say it near the hernia..that is in your groin, is this correct?
That is near the anal/anus, impactions usually occur much higher than that. Do you feel you have 💩 near /in the anus? You probably would have fairly intense pressure that you need to poop.
Have you had 💩 that is hard to expel?
You can do a trial run with the enema and miralax anytime, so you don't have to worry about 💩 problems with the surgery.
Non of our family hernias were done with a local, it was always with light weight general anesthesia.
The X-rays you had, where were they focused?
I always get a standing and laying down X-ray, cuz the air/gas changes between the two, giving a better chance to really see the whole large colon and just what is inside. The X-ray is fast and simple.
Good luck, keep me posted, if you want to. Shelley

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Hi Shelley,
whew, it's been some week! To answer some of your questions, my PCP found the hernia, and imaging showed that part of my colon is popping through it. I can push it through the hole, and it doesn't generally hurt unless my stool is firm enough to have any form to it, at which point I have sharp pain at the hernia and immediately chug some Miralax, so I'm keeping my stool watery. I worried when Dr. Google said that taking Miralax with a blockage wasn't recommended since the extra water can build up in the colon, but I have no choice and it'll probably be OK anyways since I don't seem to be blocked up too bad. The mass is near the hernia, which is in my groin, but it's on the right side so not near the anus, and my rectum feels empty. (Actually the mass is bigger than the hernia and reaches from my right groin to the middle of my belly.) My X-ray showed a moderate amount of stool, and I knew I was backed up because my abdomen is always pretty distended and my BMs tend to be on the small side. The X-ray, ultrasounds, and MRI all came back normal except for the hernia and backup, though, so it's still a total mystery what this mass is, but I feel it growing fast. I thought for sure it was an impaction since it was so hard - doesn't give at all when I press on it, and I can't budge it by massaging my belly like I can with the rest of my stool - but wouldn't an impaction have shown up in the imaging? Maybe it would have helped if I'd had 2 X-rays, though - I had one standing but not lying down. I'm at a loss. If it is an impaction, though, an enema is probably next. I had one years ago but don't remember it very well. You have way more knowledge on it than I do!