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@nike05 I also have TOS, but I did not have a cervical rib. I have worked with a PT who does myofascial release therapy that helps. The TOS makes muscles in one side of my neck tighter and it starts rotating my cervical vertebrae from time to time. I do stretches and get it back in place. This was a lot worse before my C5/C6 anterior fusion. The other thing that helps is stretching the surgical scar with the MFR techniques to release the tightness. Your therapist may be doing that in your sessions.

I presume that you had surgery to remove cervical ribs?

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That must be aggravating and painful, that's great you are able to maintain your muscles when they start to act up, I do a lot of home therapy myself but with minimum relief, and I was in therapy a couple time for pectoral release and for my cervical but I kept swelling my day goes by how much I walk and move my arms, and yes I have two cervical ribs but one was large that was the one they removed which that surgery did help a lot.