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TKR - Developed DVT in bed 21 days post

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First I wish to send you empathy for your conditions.
I am on day 32; and have reflected on this surgery. I just do not understand why in modern medicine there is not a less brutal surgery for osteoarthritic knee pain. Before sugery I did my home work, and did sign on for the work. However at this juncture I just have become sad and mad at the : 24/7 pain of varying nature, being on narcotics, having nausea, I have no true interest in food, (I lost weight-not to the positive), and the also relentless PT (causing different pain). I have NOT slept any kind of a normal night from the start. PT says hang tight for another two months and life should look clearer. BUT I FEELING TRAPPED INTO THIS LONG HORRID RECOVERY. My thrust of this (long) comment: Aa d sorry rhetorical-
Medicine needs to find a kinder resolve osteoarthritis of the knee.

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I am truly sorry that you are in so much pain. I had both knees replaced at the same time in 2016 and yes there was lots of pain. I was able to switch my thinking around to tell myself that the pain I was experiencing was "getting better" or "healing pain." This helped me cope and I did not take narcotics after two weeks. Tylenol and Advil did the trick. I also used water circulating machines for two weeks and cold packs after that to help with the swelling. It is normal to loose weight because recovering from knee replacement surgery burns lots of calories. My PT told me to eat lots of them and I did. I just wish I had stopped eating "lots" of calories cause I gained my weight back :(! I do love my knees and now to me the pain I had before surgery was worse.