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Hello @namvet1965 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am glad that you found this forum. Determining the best option for dealing with cancer can be confusing and often frustrating.

You do not mention the type of bladder cancer nor if it has been staged. As you provide some more information, it will be easier to connect you with others on this forum who can share with you. In the meantime, here are some posts where members have mentioned bladder cancer,
--Small Cell Carcinoma Bladder

Have your doctors suggested a treatment plan, @namvet1965? What symptoms are the most difficult for you?

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Dear Teresa,
Thank you for offering your knowledge and connections on my bladder cancer that has been recently diagnosed by a clinic in Los Angeles. The bladder cancer was discovered when my primary care doctor ordered a renal ultrasound to see if my fairly high blood pressure could be improved by placing a stent in the renal arteries. The ultrasound detected a 3.7cm bladder mass. I really had no idea that I had a cancerous growth. There has been no indicators except frequent urination………no noticeable bleeding or discomfort.
In my first visit to Urology (post diagnosis) , I had the cystoscopy and a bladder wash. I have not gotten any feedback on that procedure. I fully expected that a urologist would explain what they have found so far and what plan they have to treat it. I am disappointed that I was not offered a consultation on anything that they discovered. The urologist assigned to my case only informed me that they will schedule a TURBT in the near future. I see now that it has been booked for this coming July and I am not at all certain that I want to proceed with it until I have a better understanding of what I may have to go through down the road. I would like to know if an MRI or other imaging procedures can tell me the stage or grade of my cancer before I agree to a TURBT. I want to know what all my options are before proceeding.
Considering my advanced age, there is a limit to what I would want to go through.
Thanks for helping me,