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Iam sorry to hear what you are going through as well! I know its not easy to live in pain daily especially when its also affecting your sleep, makes you irritable and just anxious, and I understand you with being tired of surgeries it takes a lot out of you and you have your babies at home which must be a great comfort, I just have such an issue with posterior hardware, I'm fused posterior C2-C7 and I cant even look at my feet or stomach anymore and I'm two years post op that surgery, but I know everyone has a different situations, if you don't mind me asking, did they offer you home nurse for the beginning after surgery?

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No home nurse, you mean through insurance or? I just came home and dealt with dogs myself. Figured out how to feed and water them myself after both back surgeries!
My last back surgery was just in 3/23. I had a house sitter for dogs while in hospital and she stayed on another 4 or 5 days after I came home this time. (I felt the difference between being age 61 the first time and 73 this last year!) it helped a lot, I could just sleep as I needed and she just took care of the dogs! Paid it myself but well worth it!