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Relief for hot flashes during the night

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Good info.

For me (9 months on Eligard), I exercised daily - weight-bearing exercises (weightlifting, resistance-training, etc.) That resulted in minimizing/avoiding most side-effects. Hot flashes became mild warm flashes.

Here’s a study about the benefits of exercise to counteract the adverse effects of ADT —> https://journals.lww.com/acsm-msse/fulltext/2023/04000/resistance_exercise_training_increases_muscle_mass.2.aspx

Here’s a video from a recent PCRI conferences about hormone therapy and the physical benefits of exercise:
> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YE61HSAsFb0

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Great advice, thanks! I’m only 5 weeks into ADT so I believe that my body is still getting used to castration level T. My hot flashes are already less often than just two weeks ago. I weight train every day; alternating between upper and lower body. I started that about two months before I started ADT. I met with a personal trainer from Northwestern Medicine in Chicago who helped me set up a daily regimen. I use a Bowflex for resistance and free weights. I’m still building muscle mass albeit slowly. I also power walk and cycle.

Thanks again for sharing and good luck on your journey.

I was exercising daily. Combo of treadmill and weight resistance - but then I pulled my back out and it hurts bad enough that I’ve been skipping the workouts trying to get my back stretched and strengthened - as I’m afraid of re- injuring. Ugh. 15 days on Eligard and that pill that goes with it (?) forgot the name )
Will switch to Orgovyx in about 2 weeks. Am seeing slight weight gain around my middle already and have some very mild hot flashes the last few days.