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I'm glad you found some help. I had metastatic endometrial cancer that grew on my outer colon and hip bone, it was a mass the size of a tennis ball, back in 2002. It was very dangerous for me. The surgeon removed 12 inches of my colon but the hip had a lot of cancer because he could only scrape off some of it. That's why I had to have very strong and long radiation on that entire area. I did not have chemo because back then I was told the chemo for that type of cancer was not very good and only extended life by a matter of months, if at all, so it wasn't worth it. My chance of surviving more than five years was very low. I never got another metastasis after that. I did have much prayer from everyone I knew. It's been over 20 years ago! I did get bladder cancer a few years ago and was
told it was caused by an accumulation of all the radiation I had. It was caught early by my seeing much blood in my urine and going to the doctor immediately. I had surgery to remove the cancer and one year of chemo directly onto the bladder. That was almost two years ago and I'm still doing fine, no new bladder cancer. I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to ask any more if you have any.

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