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Hello @hopeforacure (I love the name you have chosen!) and welcome to Mayo Connect. On Connect, we have other members with a similar diagnosis. I would like you to meet @mir123 as well as @trixie123

You can read posts by them and other members who have NETs in the breast in the follow discussion group,
--NED of Breast

As you read these posts, I would encourage you to post replies and ask questions about their experiences. There is so much we can learn from others.

My NETs surgeries have been of the upper digestive tract, but I have found a great deal of support here on Mayo Connect. As you approach the upcoming appointments here is a discussion and video about making the most of meeting with a new doctor.

Plan your conversation – Questions, concerns, symptoms, health history. For tips and tools see Tools for the Healthcare Visit - https://www.patientrevolution.org/tools

Do you wonder what questions the doctors would like to hear from you?
--- Video: Mayo Clinic experts share what they wish patients would ask:

Was your breast NET originally found by a mammogram?

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Hi everyone! The neuroendocrine features were with the diagnosis from a punch biopsy.