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Small lump under skin of reconstructed breasts

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@mntwin, I'm tagging a few members like @lhwoz @californiazebra @sessioja @gardenfairy who can share their experiences and hold space with you as you wait for your upcoming appointment. Waiting is the hardest part.

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- New Malignancy vs. Fat Necrosis on MRI. Anyone have this conflict?

I'm glad you're having this looked after. Are the lumps painful at all?

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Replies to "@mntwin, I'm tagging a few members like @lhwoz @californiazebra @sessioja @gardenfairy who can share their experiences..."

Thanks, Colleen, for tagging me so I could help support @mntwin.

Hi @mntwin
I'm responding because I was tagged, but I did not have reconstruction after my double mastectomy so I don't feel my experience is relevant. Glad those that had reconstruction responded. The waiting game is so very hard. Hopefully, this is just routine reconstruction stuff. You're in my prayers for peace of mind and no further cancer issues.

I can tell you, I have a friend who is an identical twin and she got breast cancer at 35 just one year after her twin. Because she was vigilant and ran to the doctor at the first sign something was wrong (discharge), opted for a double mastectomy with early cancer, she is still here with us and cancer free 35 years later! She's the most energetic person I know. I'm sure your twin will take all precautions. Praying for her too.

Hello Colleen, Thank you for connecting me with these wonderful people! It has been helpful and relieves my mind knowing there are others who have had similar experiences. This is a place of understanding where I can take a deep breath and feel better. Wishing all the best!