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@colely While OCD is a recognized disorder, there are schools of thought that feel Pure O OCD is mythical. Here is what GoodRx has to say about this: https://www.goodrx.com/conditions/obsessive-compulsive-disorder/what-is-pure-o-ocd

I am not sure where you got information on the profile you have already read. How does it compare or hold up against the link I referenced above?

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Thank you for your information. It is more detailed than what I found, but, I wasn't specific enough, in my request. I saw a segment on an evening news show on antenna TV that showed a Pure O OCD situation with a teenage girl where she couldn't be in the same room with her parents because she felt that they were dangerous to her. She had to be put on meds, and work with a therapist to gradually let her parents come and stand in the room, and then get closer to her. I think it took a year. The man I am dealing with has this attitude towards me and others. He and other members of his family have other types of OCD. He also comes from family trauma. I thought if I could show him specific scenarios of people having these feelings he could see that his feelings were not legitimate and could get help. He won't stand near me or others, and fingers a religious medal and rubs oils on himself. I have to deal with him on important issues for another year. His ignorant friends back him up on his feelings and even suggest even more potions and rituals for him to do. I need some examples to try to make him understand what is happening.