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@seminariosanchez9 - Welcome to Mayo Connect. This is a great place to ask questions, read of others' experiences, and to learn.

Don't permit others' negative experiences to cause you undue concern or deter you from a needed surgery. Some surgeries don't work out the first time. But many spinal surgeries do fix the problems...I've had three trips to the OR - all planned - and have experienced terrific, corrective results.

Get a second opinion, go where they have the best diagnostic equipment, select a very good medical facility, and engage a top-notch neurosurgeon. You can do a lot to manage your risk of surgical failure by following a determined process of investigation and good decision making.

Every spine surgery is different. While it's interesting to hear what others have experienced, their experience is unlikely to be exactly your experience.

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I'm putting in questions and comments. I've posted in the past about L4L5 potential fusion surgery. I also have issues in the cervical spine, osteophytes and various stenosis from C2 to 7. I'm trying to determine if the cervical issues could be the cause of abdominal discomfort, but my PCP and first neurosurgeon say that it would not likely cause that. I'm seeing a gastric surgeon that did laparoscopic gallbladder surgery a year ago, on Tuesday. I'll ask him if he thinks there is a correlation, or if my abdominal discomfort could be abdominal adhesions. I'm putting off the L4L5 fusion until I find out about the abdominal issues. I've had two neurosurgeons review my MRI's, one says L4L5 fusion, the other says that fusion wouldn't help and that if I were his father he still would not recommend fusion. I'm getting a third opinion, in the works don't know when it will be.
Questions for upstatephil, janagain, and coachdavid: Any of you had any abdominal discomfort (cramping, sometimes pins/needles, sometimes feels like a strained ligament or muscle). Bowel is functioning fairly normal, but I'm not sure what "normal" is any more since before and after the gallbladder surgery. I just can't see a fusion surgery recovery time you all talk about given the abdominal issues I'm having.
I have a feeling that the cervical issues could be causing things, but trying to get an answer from any Dr. isn't easy.
From what I'm reading, the cervical surgery is a bit easier recovery than lumbar, but as others have said each person's journey is unique. Try to get the best advice and answers that you can with a Dr that you trust in a facility you also trust.