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Looking for relief for severely swollen calves.

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Hello @waterloobob, In one of your earlier posts you mentioned having diabetic neuropathy. It sounds like the swelling in the calves might be related to having diabetes. You might find the following article helpful.
-- 10 Tips to Treat Swollen Feet from Diabetes: https://www.healthline.com/health/diabetes/diabetes-swollen-feet.

I think @artscaping has mentioned Dermeleve cream helped with the terrible itching in arms and legs and may have other suggestions as well. Have you discussed the swollen calves and itching with your doctor? Did they have any suggestions for treatment?

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Good evening, @waterloobob. I am glad that John remembered "Dermeleve". My dermatologist brought samples back from a conference a couple of years ago when the "itch" was discovering new areas and driving me totally frightened and helpless. I had two different types of itch. The first, which I had for several years, was on the exterior of my arms, legs, neck, and face. I fought the battle religiously and kept my clothes and bedding materials as starkly clean as possible. Dermeleve was very helpful. As I struggled with the increasing external "itch," my dermatologist helped me complete the patch tests and explained the responses to vapor itch and other exterior sources.

One day my life partner was using an ointment on the cabinets. When I walked into the kitchen, I could smell the products. And within two minutes, I fell to the floor and passed out.
That was my introduction to the interior itch source. And that was when Dr. Anderson introduced me to Dupixent. So far, it is the only medication that can reduce the itch impact of interior tissue. I will celebrate two years of no itch inside or outside in August of this year.

I also, use special laundry and bath soaps, a good itch free body lotion and follow the guidelines in this 122 page document that she has prepared for her patients.

What have you learned so far? What are you anxious about at this time. If I know a little ,more about your itch case, I will prepare some visual images for you.

May you be safe, free, and no longer irritated. Life then will be so much better.