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Frankly you make a good case for respire care if needed! It is helpful to see your thinking. Is there anything AGAINST respite care? I hope you don't end up needing it, but from what you've said it sounds suitable. Have you looked at it? Can you imagine being comfortable? If so, seems good.

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Thanks so much! I’m going to look at one respite care/assisted living facility this weekend - talked at length on the phone with them today and with another facility close by as well. They listened to me and told me respite care seemed to be what I was talking about. They were both very reassuring, I could tell they’ve both worked with patients getting radiation and chemo. I felt very cared for while talking to both on the phone. Both have rooms available. I’ve always been an independent person and while my mind says I’m young, my body’s telling me differently. I have idiopathic peripheral neuropathy and have enough of a balance issue that I always use a grocery cart in most stores, tend to touch the corner of furniture pieces when walking in the house and need a railing going up and down steps. I keep a cane/portable stool in my car. I’m anxious that if I need radiation and try to stay home and “tough it out” that I might end up in a pickle if I feel nauseated, weak, fatigued, etc. And no one’s around until my friend (POA) can come in the evening. I have the money and hate to spend it, as respite care isn’t cheap. Hopefully it’s temporary. My POA can stay in my house off and on (actually, he owns it but doesn’t usually stay there), so I won't have to worry about not being home for a few weeks. I appreciate your response. I’m a little nervous if MCC is the diagnosis. My dermatologist hinted in a round about way after the biopsy, asking about my aunt who had MCC. I’ve had basal cell in the same area and during the fall had melanoma, stage 1 on my leg…it’s fine now. So I get frequent skin checks (am a redhead, though the color is unfortunately fading).