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Skin issues on Kisquali and Flasodex.. anyone have them?

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Hi @tdesantis

This he first year I was taking Kisqali and Letrozole (AI), U developed sun sensitivity after a few months. If I was in the sun even 2 minutes my skin felt like it was burning, I would break out in a rash that burned, itched like crazy and would take a month to go away. My dermatologist took one look, said it was a medication rash and believed it was from the Letrozole. It was very upsetting. Luckily that only went on for a few months and I haven’t had any issue with it the past couple years. I do also get flushing in the right side if my face mist every night. It can be from pink to bright red, actually gets temperature hit then is gone in the morning. That could be caused by the octreotide injections I’m taking for lung NETs or the lung NETs itself but I’m not sure. I will see my dermatologist in a couple months and ask then. A dermatologist is your best bet for answers. Other doctors can’t tell one rash from another. Best of luck in finding a solution.

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Thanks for your response!
I have been miserable. And the dermatologist just guesses. I have been to 4 of them! All same practice but differ docs.. And because I have had rashes many times previously we are still unsure what it is caused by. After the latest rash subsided which is always a couple days after I start a steroid taper another started. This was the one that was the worst ever. I look like a monster. Big hard blisters on my arms and upper chest. And my arm and hand are super swollen. I started to wear the lymphedema sleeve I had gotten 6 years ago. Never had to use it. The derm said it looks like sun poisoning, especially since it was only on sun exposed areas. I told them I had NOT been in the sun. She said that maybe it was just a delay reaction cause I was finishing the steroid taper. Now she started me on another 16 day taper.. it is helping already. I have not notified my oncologist yet. I think she will not be happy about how I look. I just dont want to change meds yet... And need to start taking better calendar notes on timings.
I just started Xgeva for the bone mets so I need to see if rash is a side effect. I hate rashes!!!