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Cancer scare, then relief due to testing results

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Thanks for the response and advice! I've been watching this forum for a while, but couldn't quite understand a lot of what I'm reading. Especially given there appears to be many different approaches to treatment.
To answer your question, yes, for 15 years +/-, it's been .4 to .6. thus the red alert at seeing 5.9.

Example of the one of the more frustrating things was reading the caveats in the 4K score, written in a miniscule 4 pt font. Said Biotin (included in Vitamin B complex and some foods and drinks) could impact the score. Well crap, no one told me to stop taking Vit B before testing.

I would say that I don't see how you all can live with it, but 2020 taught us all that medicine and govt guidance is not infallible. It's in our hands to take control of our health

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I appreciate your frustration. My greatest learning in my PC journey is to find the best possible doctors and information sources to provide you with the information to make optimal treatment decisions based on your specific condition. There is no one way and there are a lot of doctors and treatment centers that don't have the same level of expertise and Prostate Cancer Treatment Centers of Excellence, such as Mayo Clinic. This takes more time up front, but but ultimately saves you time and patience in the long run.

In my situation, I chose to read all the information I could find on PCF.org, PCRI.org, and read Dr. Patrick Walsh's book on prostate cancer, then I searched for expert experienced prostate cancer doctors and treatment centers. Only then did I believe that I knew the questions to ask, so that I could make decisions.

I'm not an expert on 4K scores or tests, but from all of the information that I've read, your medical team should have advised you to stop taking anything with biotin three days prior. Perhaps a data point that you may want to seek an opinion from another medical team/doctor.