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First, I am so sorry for the lose of your daughter. Second, family genetics is at play here. Your daughter's son certainly has the gene for mental health issues. It is very common to see... especially depression, bipolar disease and anxiety passed down through generations & even through the extended blood-line family. But in your case your daughter was adopted. You don't say the dose of Zoloft your grandson is on but 300 mg. daily is the top dose, perhaps he needs an increase. Also, Zoloft is not really used for OCD. Luvox is the drug of choice for OCD, perhaps that can help him but not always effective. OCD is very tough to manage and very hard to become free of. Is he in therapy? If not, that might be helpful. The challenge will be getting him to go. Is he seeing a psychiatrist? A primary care provider is not the best choice to handle mental health issues especially one as serious as OCD. Not only does your grandson have issues but you & your husband as well in trying to cope with him. So hard to do. I would suggest contacting your local NAMI organization which helps the family and friends of those who have love ones with mental health disorders. You and your husband need support here...in addition to your grandson. If he doesn't want to leave the house, there is also tele-medicine on the computer in which he can have sessions with a therapist. But the first visit must be in person. I more than hear you & understand. My son also has OCD and it is truly awful. Luvox did not work for him...also on an antidepressant and Adderal for ADD. He is under the care of a psychiatrist and therapist. But as I said, OCD is very hard to crack. I don't know where you live but McLean Hospital in Boston has an OCD clinic but that's inpatient for 30-60 days. McLean is the # 1 center in the country for psychiatric care. Not doable for my son.
I wish you and your son the very best of luck.

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Thank you for all the info. He has been seeing a therapist but just quit. He said she didn't seem to be doing anything for him. She referred him to his primary care provider for medication. He is on 250 mgs of Zoloft a day but it's making him sleepy. Along with the depression and not being able to sleep at night he ends up sleeping a lot during the day. He recognizes the OCD symptoms and tries to overcome the issue of touching door handles on his bedroom door. And other situations as well. He doesn't show any signs of anything more severe such as the Bipolar. He never loses his temper. He gets along with everyone. Never meets a stranger and sudden changes in his daily routine do not bother him. I saw what it did to my daughter. I'm going to get more info on the McLean Hospital because he is willing to go somewhere for help. I appreciate your time in answering my post and enlightening me on several issues. Good luck to you and your family!!!!