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Autoimmune Diseases and Fatigue

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Fatigue has been a major impact. I had to quit my job last October due to extreme fatigue. I have Sjogrens, Hashimotos, Fibromyalgia and many other illnesses. I’ve found that since I don’t have to force myself to get up for work, I can sleep later and rest some during the day as needed. That has been my life saver. Plus, I have a very supportive husband. I have Restless Leg Syndrome and a lot of aches and pains, which make it difficult to sleep. I use 5 pillows at night, which helps, and take Ropinorole (for RLS) and Trazodone (for sleep). When I do sleep, it seems I dream a lot. Is dreaming a problem with anyone else?

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Sjogren’s and Hashimoto’s seem to cluster together. The “many other illnesses” might be related to Sjogren’s too but that’s speculative of course. It seems to impact more the nervous system more than people thought 10 or 20 years ago. Have your doctors tried any therapies aimed directly at the fatigue? Have you been tested for a sleep disorder? A sleep study might help give you some clues. Since you have restless legs maybe you have periodic limb movements interrupting your sleep. Also speculative, of course. I have the opposite problem re dreaming. I rarely do.

I was tested for a sleep disorder. I was told I only have sleep apnea when sleeping on my back, which I rarely do, so nothing was prescribed. The same doctor discovered my restless leg though. Nothing except the 2 medications listed have been suggested for fatigue. I actually just filed for disability, mostly because of the fatigue. Doctors don’t seem to treat it as a real problem. 🙁

If you had significant apnea, you might want to revisit getting it treated unless you’re sure that you will never sleep on your back. I hate CPAP but it helped me somewhat. The rheumatologists acknowledge the fatigue as a big factor in Sjogren’s but treating it effectively is another thing. Presumably your thyroid is being replaced if you have Hashimoto’s. Iron deficiency has been linked to restless legs so I assume that your iron has been evaluated. A lot of things are being studied but obviously no smoking gun as far resolving fatigue. Moderate exercise, as in walking, might help, helps me, and it can’t hurt so its worth a try. Good thing that you have a supporting environment and spouse. Gives you time to develop a strategy.

I take Tramadol for leg cramps with great results and I don’t know if that or Temazepam I take occasionally for sleep causes me to dream horrible dreams. Would like to stop these drugs but haven’t found anything else to relieve my pain like these do.

What else have you tried?

Not really that many viable options out there for pain meds.

My oncologist met my reponse to its us for islet cell cancer with
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I have RA, fibro, Sjogren’s, RLS and spinal stenosis. I am blessed to still be able to work part time. I have worked for the same attorney for 36 years. He is semi-retired now, so we don’t get into the office until noon and I work until 5. I take Trazodone only for my RLS. I love my temperpedic mattress but also use several pillows. I have extremely vivid, colorful dreams but have always had them. Even when I was very little.

Natural remedy for,
let cramps,drink some pickle juice ,it works A friend of mine carried mustard packets and ate when she had a cramp

Seraquel makes me dream all nite. They never make sense. Sometimes nightmares. Does anyone know of an alternative for sleep and depression?

I am curious, do you have good magnesium and potasium levels? I get restless legs, feet and calves ect if i dont take lots of those two suppliments and STRETCHING REALLY HELPS for me.
Lol, i also sleep with 5 pillows!

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