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MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: May 25 8:37am | Replies (8)

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@circleup Your situation is similar to mine. I’m a seemingly healthy 53 yr old, I have no symptoms, (although do have mild bronchiectasis) bloodwork looks fine - however NTM bacteria was found in sputum culture and bronchoscopy. The pulmonologist and infectious disease doctor were ready to put me on the antibiotics right away; when I asked if the presence of bacteria correlates directly with disease and they said ‘no, not always. Or you could have an infection that is transient, not true infection. We don’t know”. I opted to do ‘watchful waiting and have a CT scan in June. I’m hoping I’ve made the right decision and every day exercise, healthy eating, airway clearance and Mucinex is definitely a chore, but I’m hoping it makes a difference?

On a side note, I’m doing EVERYTHING I can - eating probiotics like kimchi and kefir, upping my Vitamin D intake, putting on a few pounds to get to 22 BMI, running 2 miles a day, taking NAC supplements, using Acapella device, huff breathing, postural draining, opting for baths not showers, avoiding indoor and outdoor dust by masking when I need to. If anyone else has tips or tricks to share, please do!! Haven’t been boiling water regularly, there’s only so much time in the day!

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Asked the same questions about doing nothing and the consequences. They said i would be more susceptible to any respiratory infections and the recovery would be difficult. Just got the meds today and waiting on Alikares. I am still on the fence about treatment.