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Gleason 6 (3+3) treatments

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Thanks for that info. I'm in Canada and they will not allow you to get second opinions. Can I ask..... are you OK now after the prostatectomy? No bad side effects (I was told I would be incontinent for a year and potentially have sexual problems)? Was it robotic controlled? Thanks again, Joe.

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Joe @ 2 weeks short of a year sense surgery I still use lightest pad all the time. Most of the leaks are from dribble after urinating. Doing pt training now but I am not sure helping. While on feet working need to pee 10 times a day. Off feet can go hours without. I am talking to surgeon next week about this. As far as ED I posted on this form “Trimix good or bad idea” for more detail. Yes nature errections are back but not great . I had trouble before surgery. I am doing good and feel good about my decision to have surgery in my case cancer was very close to spreading outside the prostate. Surgery was robotic nerve sparring. I am now 59 will be 60 in a couple weeks. Not all Gleason 6 are the same some can be worse and many others can just do active servalance. May you find the correct treatment for yourself and have peace with that decision.

Joe1, sounds like you definitely need a second opinion or a new doctor. Per your question, there are always risks associated with any of the PC treatments. With surgery, there is always a chance of incontinence and impotence, but this is significantly reduced if you have the radical prostatectomy at a center of excellence. I went with a robotically assisted radical prostatectomy 1.5 years ago. I had some incontinence and impotence for a few months, but both came back with time.

There are so many stories where men decide to go with active surveillance based on MRIs and biopsies. For myself, I just can't understand this option, unless there are other comorbidity issues (illness, other life limiting issues, significant age, etc.). Cancer is very tricky and can be deadly if not controlled or removed. When doctors say there is no need to address PC at Gleason Score 6, they are 100% trusting imperfect imaging tools and/or biopsies. For myself, I would be unwilling to roll the dice when it comes to cancer, regardless of GS rating of 6, 7, ...

It is important to keep a positive attitude and trust in the decision you ultimately make.

Good luck and hope all goes well.