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Wedge pillow for travel

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Sounds as if they have not yet designed the perfect solution for travel needs. Most seem to leak and are uncomfortable. I did see a folding wedge, but that still requires you to carry it and most likely not fit in your suitcase. Can’t imagine why it’s so difficult to have an inflatable wedge that doesn’t leak. Shifting gears does anybody have a reliable and compact traveling nebulizer to recommend?

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The inflatable wedge I posted above does not leak but I do not find it as comfortable as foam. It has a push valve for letting out air. One trip I used it and it was fine but recently I found it difficult to get used to.

I sprung for the TravelWedge Pro which will fit in my suitcase. Self inflating. I'm a bit concerned about the plastic-y looking outside. Maybe the cotton cover I purchased will help.

Regarding travel nebulizer I have 3! PARI Sprint which many people have. It's fine, works with aerobika and nebulizers. Light, small compact, works.

Also, I am still using Philips InnoSpire Go. I have the foresight to purchase 2 when they were available. It's silent and fast but you cannot purchase it anymore.

I also sprung for the PARI eFlow when it was on a super sale. Small, lightweight, silent, fast. Even on sale it was pricey. It's loses more solution than the aeroeclipse nebulizer so I sometime add an extra saline when traveling.

For sterilizing I purchased a ramen pot for boiling. A lot of gear. I carry all this stuff on in its separate suitcase due to the lithium batteries and fear of losing checked luggage.