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Anyone participating in the Dapper Clinical Trial?

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For RT, both as primary tx and salvage tx, there is a clear patient and provider interest in fewer number of total txs.
However, the total radiation dose appears to be the same; less sessions; higher dose per session.
I received Salvage Radiation 37 txs of IMRT for a total dose of 66.6 gy to the entire prostate bed (45 gy to the lymph nodes); 1.8 gy per session. Daily for almost 8 wks.
Of course a shorter treatment course (measured in time/number of txs) would have been appealing.
My concern would be the higher radiation doses per tx, if the goal remains a total of 70 gy in your case, or 66.6 in my case.
I could pontificate/speculate additionally (without sound basis) about patient, provider and insurer interests, but maybe retired Radiologist has a more educated and nuanced thought on this.
Anyway, I cannot discern any residual side effects from my salvage radiation treatments, now 12 months ago. And unless there is a PCa tx therapeutic benefit, the lower daily dose of radiation over a longer period of time sounds "safer" (as if I have any idea of what is "safer" regarding radiation).
Enough from me.
We, and I believe our providers, are all hoping for the safest and most effective treatments.
Best to all.

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My local radiologist is recommending salvage radiation to the prostate bed only without ADT, 66.6 Gy over 37 fractions which is similar to your treatment. You say no residual side effects. Any side effects during or shortly after treatments? What do you mean by "PCa tx therapeutic benefit?"
Thanks for your posting.