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Low Bone Turnover

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Thank you for taking the time to comment on my situation. I understand your interpretation of BTM. It just seems that the overall values are very low. I unfortunately do not have a baseline to compare. I did talk to my gynecologist about reducing estrogen to .05mg. She agreed it might help to raise the CTX and then the P1NP because of the coupling effect. I did re initiate Evenity May 11, 2024 to try to finish 7 additional injections. So now I can not get a real read of the value of CTX/P1NP change due to reduced estrogen. I guess I keep looking for any additional reasons I am fracturing my metatarsals (only right foot) and what to do to improve my situation.

Thank you again for your insight.

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may I ask was there a reason that you did a 5 month course of evenity last time?

My read of your overall btms is that 0.1mg HRT might already give you a reduced CTX to start with. Then evenity further reduced it and take P1NP along with it. The window of P1NP increase was simply missed because of timing.

Foot bone fracture seems occur to some ppl for whatever reason. I was surprised to know radiologist could easily see my feet bone loss just by looking at X-rays (I had my feet examined by a podiatrist for feet problems other than fractures). The podiatrist recommended wearing shoes with good sole support.

It’s great that you are starting evenity again. If monitoring btms are in the cards, it will be nice to do the lab between 2 weeks -2 months to ‘catch’ and observe the increase of P1NP. 3 month might not be too late either. Since you are restarting evenity, reducing transdermal HRT dose could be a wise move. Wish a great success for your second part of evenity!