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Horrible coughing fits

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Welcome, @jt54. Nice way to enter the group with a helpful post for @phyllisg and her husband. JT, are you finished treatment now? When did the horrible coughing end?

Phyllis, how is your husband doing? Has he tried Mucinex?

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Hi Colleen,

Thank you for the welcome.

I finished treatment in February of 2023. I still battle significant issues with soft tissue in my throat swelling egregiously. This swelling leans on my airway ( hospitalized me twice/admitted) and also greatly intensifies my swallowing difficulties. I also get Lymphedema, but that has lessoned the real and primary issue is the soft tissue swelling. Wildly unpredictable and can incapacite me. I dont get enough breath, exhaustion is right behind...So we go! I am currently doing Hyperbaric Therapy ( HBO) for 2 hours a day , five days a week with fingers crossed.
I have had 21 sessions thus far. I do have on major improvement. This is that I no longer have to have water , tea, yogurt, sugar free juice every minute or two. This is a true blessing as I was drinking over 200 ounces of water a day. Spend your life in the restroom! I am hopeful other improvements will follow.

Thank you