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Lyumjev vs. Fiasp.

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@ljk200 I’m reading a book called Mayo Clinic The Essential Diabetes Book by M. Regina Castro, M.D. (3rd Edition). It is available through Mayo Clinic Press. It contains a fantastic chart of all the types of insulin (in one of the appendices).

Both of these insulins are considered “Very fast-acting”.

They have the same “Onset of action” Within 5 minutes.

The same “Maximum effect” About 1 hour.

The same “Duration” 3 - 4 hours.

The same “How it’s typically used” Inject at the start of a meal or within 20 minutes after starting a meal.

The same “Notes” Absorbed promptly and very short-acting; often used in addition to intermediate- or long- acting insulin.

I tried to recreate this portion of the chart for you. I don’t have personal experience with either insulin. I’m 50+ years diabetic, age 67 and I use an insulin pump with insulin Lispro (brand name Humalog). From what I understand from this chart the two insulins should be equivalent or at least comparable. I applaud your researching this. Have you asked your doc why s/he is
“unenthusiastic” about this? Another favorite Dr. question of mine is to make it personal by asking your doc if this were them what would s/he do. Will you get back to Mayo Clinic Connect to report what you decide?

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Hi Cheryl. Thanks for the info. The study I read about Lyumjev was published in Diabetes Obesity Metabolism, May 2022. My doc eventually wrote a script for Lyumjev, and I am going to give it a try as a replacement for Fiasp.