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Evinity preparation

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Hi @janetsimmos,

Can you share with us why you’re terrified about the Evenity injections. If it’s the actual injections you’re concerned about, for me anyway, it’s about like getting a flu shot in the back of each arm. At times, the injections do sting a bit (ask the nurses to take the Evenity out of the fridge a bit prior to your appointment, it helps). I’ve had warmth, redness and a bit of “pain” at the injection sites that lasts for a few days (lol, sounds like a drug commercial, huh). I’ll have #’s 21/22 shots next week and have never prepped for any of them. As with any injection, make sure to relax as much as possible.

As you mentioned, there are risks for cardiovascular events with Evenity; doing due diligence with a cardiologist was good on your part. I decided to accept the risks to have a chance at stronger bones and a more “upright” and active future. However, this should be a personal/informed decision based on each individual and the information at hand (family history, history of fractures . . .).

We are all cheering on each other as we celebrate our gains and lending an ear when we have setbacks and questions. It’s a journey.

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@beanieone thanks so much for your response. I am terrified about having a stroke, but I also am reading a lot of comments regarding side effects as far as joint pain and such. I’m not worried about the actual injection but I thought I read some comments when I first joined this forum that mentioned taking ibuprofen or something similar beforehand to help ease some reactions.