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Palliative Care and Hospice Care

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@colleenyoung @irvkay312 @dawn_giacabazi Ok, I'm learning something. I had mistakenly thought that hospice care and palliative care were one of the same, but not so. Thanks for beginning the conversation @irvkay312 and thanks for all of the information Colleen and thanks for sharing personal experience Dawn. Teresa

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One thing few people learn until it is too late is "Palliative care does<br>not treat the root cause of ones health problem or impairment. Whereas,<br>Hospice care indicates one has sought, had or come to end all treatment of<br>a root cause which is often terminal and can end their life within a<br>specified amount of time.<br><br>Waiting until decision time comes on ones care is not helpful to their<br>satifaction in Quality of Life instances. Having knowledge and insight<br>with which to make such decisions should be made while one is able and<br>competant to understand them.<br><br>irvkay312<br>

@irvkay312 You offer ideas that are well thought out and helpful I'm grateful for the wisdom that you share. Thanks again for sharing your journey. Teresa

Some institutions also refer to palliative care as supportive care or symptom management. It is important to note that a patient can receive palliative care at any stage of disease, not only when the end is near. People should not be afraid to ask about palliative care early during their journey with a chronic progressive condition.

While some institutions do like you say, "they are often in business to make money in support of their programs." Yet when the situation gets to oneself the picture has to change not to money, but to oneself. Also, National Palliative Care often will treat the symptoms of a condition; that's because the root cause (if terminal) likely cannot or will not be treated any further--per doctor, tests, one self and family decisions.