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i'm scheduled for pre op appt

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@jo72 yes they have showed me the initial images and i'm sure on Wed they will show me the most recent...i've read the CT scan reports as well...according to what i understand from the CT scan report, basically the remaining tumors are the ones on the ovaries etc...but it says the following...
"The previously seen very large pelvic tumor burden is decreased by greater than 90% total volume. Very roughly on the previous exam the right ovarian mass measured at least 8.3 cm by 5 cm in maximum axial dimensions and currently the right ovary measures closer to 5 cm by 2.3 cm in maximum axial dimensions. Similar decrease in volume of the left ovarian mass. The bulky tumor surrounding the distal large bowel in the
uterus is nearly resolved although there is residual abnormal soft tissue between the rectum, distal sigmoid colon, and the posterior margin of the uterus. There has been significant interval reduction in previously seen peritoneal tumor burden. Interval resolution of ascites. Previously seen relatively large hepatic capsular tumor
implants are nearly completely resolved with minimal residual soft tissue residing along the medial portion of the hepatic capsule. Bulky tumor in the right lower quadrant is decreased by greater than 95% volume and
residual abnormal soft tissue is essentially only seen on the appendix and is minimal."
this was after 3 sessions of chemo...so i'm pretty happy about all this...and i'm really grateful for everyone that is chiming in...

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Awesome, MommaCandy, high five! I hope your surgery goes smoothly.