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How to find background info on surgeons for RP

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I am in the same boat here in Colorado Springs
My Urologist is Dr. Telang. I am supposed to have surgery with him next month. He days he has been doing Da Vinci surgery since 2006, and did other surgeries before that.

It's so confusing, and I have seen two different oncologists one on Denver, and one here. They seem good and listened to my questions
I am deeply worried about the surgery.

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I understand that you’re worried about the surgery. To be fully honest, I was terrified and quite depressed. I called everyone that I knew that had gone through prostatectomy and asked them to relate their experiences. What I learned was that none of them had experiences that were what I would considered terrible. All of them experienced some level of discomfort for a few days, but not misery. And guess what. My experience was similar. The care that I received at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago was outstanding. I met some of the kindest, most compassionate and competent people I’ve ever met in my life. My surgery was more complicated than most and lasted 4 1/2 hours. I typically don’t handle anesthesia well and even that wasn’t a problem. I feared having a catheter. I thought it would be torture. The truth is it was somewhere between a nuisance and uncomfortable, but not unlivable. I’ll tell you what my friends told me: You’ll do fine. There is a little to worry about. Do follow doctors orders!!! If you have questions about how I prepared and what recovery was like please feel free to send me direct email and I’ll do my best to answer them promptly and honestly.

Best wishes for success on your journey to being in cancer free!

We have the exact same urologist and I also met with him yesterday to discuss options!! Small world.
It really helped me looking up laprascopic prostatectomy here on this forum. There were lots of positive feedback stories and some very helpful suggestions on how to prepare and what to expect afterwards.
If I may ask, who did you speak with in Denver? I am also planning to get second opinions now and possibly looking at surgery mid-summer.