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Pelvic pain

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@dudashen and @rashida Where do you have pain in your pelvis? I have spinal stenosis/DDD and small fiber neuropathy. I have had spine and brain MrIs but never an MRI on my pelvis/hip joints. I see a orthopedic doctor that specializes on pelvis/hip this week and I want to ask them to do a MRI on my pelvis/hips to see what may be causing the pain in my hip joints/hip flexors/bttocks. I have had lumbar spinal injections to delay surgery which has helped manage some of the spine pain that runs down my lower back, buttocks, legs to feet but doesn’t help with hip/pelvis pain. I don’t know if I need hip replacement at some point (I am currently 54). I also have painful hip bursitis that flares up at times. You can use Salonpas lidocaine pain patches where it hurts to see if that can help. Most pain relievers don’t really work for nerve pain and NSAIDs can cause stomach gastritis erosions that can turn into ulcers if you take too much.

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I am unable to identify the exact location of my pain, but it seems to be vaginal or bladder pain. I had endometriosis years ago which can converge at the location of the bladder, so it’s probably different than the type of pain you are experiencing.